With effective from 1st January, 2015, we have appointed Dr. AROON KUMAR HANDA as the consultant Radiologist of our new comprehensive Advanced Sonography Centre. The latter is equipped with top of the range 3D/4D Ultrasound Equipment which provides exceptional Image Quality and precise diagnosis and staging.
Dr. Handa will be setting up a Foetal Medical Unit in this Department. It will be the first clinic of its type in East and Central Africa. It is for early detection of Feotal Abnormalities during pregnancy (if any).
In this Department, Dr. Handa will also establish a SPORTS MEDICINE CENTRE. An Ultrasound examination is the first line of investigation for injuries sustained while playing sports.
A unit for early detection of cancer of Prostrate will be initiated. We will do Ultrasound Guided Endo Rectal Prostatic Biopsies at a reasonable price.
For further information and appointments please call the following numbers. Dr. Handa can be contacted directly on his numbers +254 733 607 092 and +254 707 443 484

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