MRI exams are performed for neurological, abdominal, musculoskeletal, vascular, and breast imaging in the Hospital's state-of-the-art Radiology department. Our Radiology department is one of the few imaging centers in the country offering the new Siemens 3T Magnetom Trio. Employing sophisticated technology that has previously been confined to research facilities, the 3T Magnetom Trio is setting the new standard in medical imaging.

Tesla (T) is the unit of measurement quantifying the strength of a magnetic field. Prior to the 3 Tesla Machine, the high-field standard was 1.5 Tesla. Our scanner generates a magnetic field that is twice the strength of 1.5 Tesla machines and 10 to 15 times the strength of low field or open MRI scanners. The magnetic field produced by our 3T Magnetom Trio MRI System yields exceptional anatomic detail. Thus, if a picture is worth a thousand words, the 3 Tesla MRI is an encyclopedia. The increased image clarity revealed by 3T is particularly beneficial for pathological conditions involving the brain, spine, and musculoskeletal system.

3 Tesla MRI MRA 16 Slice CT CTA General, Vascular, and Musculoskeletal ultrasound Digital Xray Arthrograms Mylograms

The benefits of the 3T scanner are not confined to Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The increased spatial resolution of the 3T scanner allows for high-quality vascular imaging. Thus, 3 Tesla MR Angiogram studies may often supplant the need for invasive interventional catheter studies.

The 3T Magnetom Trio is extremely efficient. Utilizing shorter scan times, the 3T machine maximizes patient comfort without compromising quality. The superb reliability of high-field MRI allows our board-certified radiologists to differentiate between benign and potentially hazardous medical conditions with confidence. This allows your health-care team to provide you with earlier diagnosis and treatment, subsequently leading to more positive outcomes.

Don’t compromise your health with a lower strength magnet. Take advantage of the state-of-the-art technology and friendly atmosphere at our facility. Choose 3T Imaging.