A pre-employment physical is typically required by a prospective employer before they will consider you for hire. They are usually mandatory, and most prospective employers or health insurance companies cover them. If you have any questions about your particular case, feel free to call us.

The purpose of a pre-employment physical is to evaluate your health and lifestyle. It is usually only required after the job is offered. Because many of today’s jobs require you to be in good physical condition and to lead a drug free life, you will be asked to prove that you live up to these standards.

Your new job may have physical demands that your employer wants to verify you can handle. Some jobs require a person to be able to endure a particular amount of hard labor, standing for long periods of time, or other mentally or physically taxing actions. You must be able to meet the essential physical demands of the job.


Key Benefits of the Pre-employment Medical

For the Employer
There are many benefits to conducting pre employment medicals on potential employees. It is our experience, that as many as thirty percent of candidates being considered for a new role, are at an increased risk of injury due to existing medical issues, which are easily identified during a pre-employment medical assessment. With this in mind, a well designed pre-employment medical assessment provides the employer with important choices they may not have otherwise considered, if these risks where unknown.

The main benefits of running a Pre-employment medical program are:-

Improved corporate reputation via proactive management of risks at the pre employment phase
Potential reduction in the cost of workers’ compensation premiums and reduced sick leave
Improved worker productivity through reduced down time due to injury or illness
For the Employee
Employees are often the ones who benefit most from pre-employment medical assessments, as its their life that can be adversely affected if health issues are not identified or managed prior to their employment. The main benefits of Pre employment testing for individuals include:

Identification of health issues they may not have previously been aware of, that they can now manage with the support of their General Practitioner or allied health professional.
The ability to understand the physical requirements of a role before accepting employment
Confidence in the fact that their employer is proactive about work place health and safety
Introduction to Company supported work hardening, health management or injury prevention programs where potential risks are identified and require management.